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AEM PDU-8 EV 8-Channel CAN Driven Slave Type Power Distribution Unit - 30-8300


MPN: 30-8300

Product Type: Programmers & Tuners
SKU: AEM30-8300
Weight: 0.79 lb
Brand: AEM

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AEM AEM EV PDU-8 is an eight-channel power distribution unit that allows for programming and control of various devices using compatible Engine Control Units (ECUs) and Vehicle Control Units (VCUs). These devices can include high-voltage contactors, cooling fans, lights, turn signals, windshield wipers, and fuel pumps. Up to eight PDU-8 units can be connected on a single CAN bus network, enabling installers to position the units near the subsystems they control. This design simplifies wiring, reduces overall weight, and improves reliability.

The PDU-8 is a solid-state control module that eliminates the need for traditional fuses and relays for the switched functions it manages. It can also be controlled by other CAN-based controllers that support custom CAN settings, including Motec, Link, FuelTech, and Haltech. Additionally, compatibility with Holley EFI is possible when using the AEM dash display for logic-based control. The PDU-8 utilizes CAN bus 2.0 with a bit rate of 500kbps and supports up to eight units per bus. It offers an output duty cycle of 100Hz with a range of 0-100%

•    Four 20A and four 10A high-side 12V outputs for activating/deactivating various switched devices
•    Module is fully sealed for installation close to switched controls, simplifying wiring and reducing weight
•    CAN-commanded PDU, no logic programming required for PDU operation
•    Small size and lightweight (103x67x33mm/4.05x2.70x1.5", 190g/6.7oz/0.42lbs.)
•    Fully-sealed, waterproof billet-aluminum enclosure